Terms of Service

1. General

This is an agreement between you and Hassan Mohamed Toziri regarding your use of my personnel, technologies, computers, interactive information and communications("the / this Agreement"), in addition to the following policies.

  1. This Agreement sets out the terms and conditions under which Hassan Mohamed Toziri makes its services available to users.
  2. This Agreement applies to all entities, person, and third party names associated with your quotation. The client is responsible for the use of each final product/service, whether used under any name or by any person, and for ensuring full compliance with this Agreement by all users.
  3. By using my services, you agree to comply with my Policies and Procedures, including this Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).
  4. You are expected to use the Internet, Computer software and other networks and services access through the services with respect, courtesy, and responsibility, giving due regard to the rights. I expect you to have a basic knowledge of how the Internet and computer functions, the types of uses which are generally acceptable, and the types of uses which are to be avoided. Common sense is the best guide as to what is considered acceptable use.

2. Fees and Payments

  1. Your service will be initiated as soon as I receive payment and my payment partners have screened the order in case of fraud. Providing false contact information will result in discontinuation of services.
  2. You agree to pay Hassan Mohamed Toziri, in advance of the time period during which services are provided. You agree that until and unless you cancel your recurring payments to Hassan Mohamed Toziri, those services will be billed on a recurring basis and the monies used for those services.
  3. Any request not paid in full 24 hours after the due date will be suspended.
  4. You will be charged a one time fee if you are permanently suspended for us to send you files if you request them.
  5. Any abuse may be subject to, while rare, a penalty. Said abuse can include but is not limited to getting blacklisted.
  6. After purchasing any service you are subjected to a 14 days refund period, this refund can not be claimed for work done(completed work). For a refund to be valid the user should have submitted valid problems related to my service.

3. Content

Hassan Mohamed Toziri can not be held liable for any content hosted here against any law. Hassan Mohamed Toziri does it's best to remove unlawful content, but some may go unotticed. Unlawful content may consist of

  1. Adult Content/ Child Pornography (Legal adult content is acceptable.)
  2. Warez
  3. Illegal Downloads (mp3's, videos, etc.)
  4. Cracked/Pirated Software
  5. Hacking Programs/ How to Hack
  6. Illegal Sales (controlled substances, bombs)
  7. Fradulent Sites

4. Usage

  1. Due to the nature of a shared web hosting environment, Hassan Mohamed Toziri reserves the right to ask customers to upgrade or correct issues pertaining to upgrade their shared web hosting package, or to correct issues on their shared web hosting package, should it adversely affect the network or server performance for the majority of my third part hosting/hosting partner.
  2. I do not warrant my services. There will be no account credits for any downtime or losses incurred, I highly recommend that you back up your data daily. I back up all data on weekly basis Just in case of server break down or Natural Calamities on third party DC.
  3. Hassan Mohamed Toziri shared web hosting platform is intended for hosting a website with relevant content and function for a personal or small business without the concern of traffic overages. The use of the service should not be indicative for large scale enterprises or applications where a dedicated server would be more suited.
  4. I reserve the right to disallow the use of any service that could be used for spamming such as IRC
  5. and limiting the speed of certain traffic types such as VOIP, Shoutcast, or Proxy.
  6. You must not use my services to break any Laws.

5. Service Suspension or Termination

  1. I have a zero tolerance for Fraud, SPAM and illegal activities.
  2. Any service in violation of service will be given 12 hours to fix the issues, a repeated terms of service violation within 7 days will result in service termination.
  3. No refunds will be issued for terminated services

6. Changes and Acceptance

  1. Upon acceptance of these terms you are opting in to email and mobile phone (sms and phone calls) communication between Hassan Mohamed Toziri and you the subscriber
  2. Hassan Mohamed Toziri may, at times with reasonable notice to Customers, revise or amend its current third part Hosting Packages offerings relating to price, features, traffic allocations and disk sizes.
  3. Hassan Mohamed Toziri reserves the right to add, delete, or modify any provision of this Policy at any time without notice.
  4. I reserve the right to disclose any of your information to law enforcement agencies without consent from subscriber upon lawful request.
  5. I can not guarantee That the Service and / or the Free Service will be available to You at all times or free from faults or interruptions

Your acceptance of these terms is assumed upon signing up for any of my service.

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